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AKG group entering the fish business following its participation in 2002 in Mordoğan Fishery products; has taken a big step in the fishery products by joining Ertuğ Balık Üretim A.Ş. to itself in 2004. While the production continues with a capacity of 250 tones /year at Mordoğan and 1000 tones/year at Çandarlı; these two companies. Have joined under the name Ertuğ Balık Üretim A.Ş. ; as of 31.08.2007. All the applications related to increasing the capacity to 3250 tones/year are completed and Ertuğ Balık Üretim A.Ş. targets to continue its activities with this production capacity starting from 2010.

The target of our company is to contribute to the economy of the country, to provide the people healthy, high quality and safety products; and to provide the happiness of the producers as mush as the consumers. In parallel to this target; we can briefly say that our quality policy in the fishery sector is to effect our production with an approach that preciously gives value to human, environment and the nature, with the contribution of all our employees and developing technology; to provide the protection, awareness of the customers and the consumers; and to provide continuous admiration to our products, and thus to grow in the fishery products sector, and to provide the increase in profitability and efficiency.

Our company, with the processing and the packing facility completed in 2008 plans to enter into the commercial products such as fillet, gutted sea bass and sea bream, whole frozen anchovy, sardines etc. as well as the frozen products market.

AKG Group

AKG Gas Concrete, the strong Company of the AKG Group; was continuing its activities as the “General Directorate” under the roof of the Çimentaş İzmir Çimento Fabrikası Türk A.Ş. as of 15th April 2002 has obtained its identity as a legal person under the name ‘ AKG Yalıtım ve İnşaat Malzemeleri Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.’ AKG Yalıtım ve İnşaat Malzemeleri Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş."

AKG Gazbeton increasing its power after joining their powers with the Çimstone Doğal Kompoze Taş İşletmeleri in December in 2005, AKG Gaz Beton has become a role player giving direction to the sector with its capacity on, 960.000 m3 /year.

Çimstone, the second brand of AKG group in the construction sector, continues its effective activities since 1996 as having applied numberless of big projects domestically and abroad with success; having created a difference in the international field; as having certified its quality with ISO 9001:2000 Quality certificates and has presented a different standard in surface coatings with its hygiene report and as a exclusive product. AKG Group, with the consideration to decrease the dependency on outer sources to the minimum level by feeding its investments from its own sources, realized the DEMi Değerli Maden İşletmeleri. The facility which was going to be processing 2000 tones of quarts materials per month, stepped into the sector targeting to increase its capacity to 4000 tones/month as per the demand.

AKG Group targets to be arbiter on the fishery and tourism sectors as a difference from the construction sector..

Our group has taken a big step in the Fishery products sector by participating in Mordoğan Fishery products Inc in 2002 and by Joining with Ertuğ Balık Üretim Tesisi A.Ş. in 2004. The two companies have joined together as of 31.08.2007 under the name Ertuğ Balık Üretim Tesisi A.Ş., and completed the necessary works to increase the capacity to 3.250 tones /year.

From 1989 until today, Çittur, which has been providing diversified services in the tourism sector and has become a symbol of trust with its experience; targets the continuous development in the sector as a pioneer of innovations and İzmir and Aegean region being ahead, contributes to the presentation and the economy of Turkey.

AKG Group

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